Steve is on his way from Kameloops to Anchorage, Alaska. We met him on the Yellowhead Highway west of Prince George. Thanks for your sharing your experience about how to handle an encounter with a bear.

Anja and Salvatore

Anja (right), Salvatore (left) and Amelie (left and right) are on a trip on a tandem arcoss Canada. They started in Nova Scotia at the east coast and are on their way to Vancouver. We met them east of Prince George while going in the other direction. They have given their tandem the name 'Amelie' and couldn't understand that we do not have names for our bikes. We agreed on the theory that only tandems have names. Hier is the link to their rematkable track:


We met Masa on the Icefield Parkway travelling south. Masa started his tour in Anchorage, Alaska and is heading to Vancouver.

Jackie and Alain

On the road for a round trip from Jasper. We met them on the Icefield Parkway.

Kara and Kim

These two girls have been cycling on many places of the world - even in Europe. We met them on the Icefield Parkway while having a lunch break in the countryside. We forgot time a little bit when were talking to them and both of us had to speed up afterwards. Anyway, it was a great pleasure to talk to  you, have a save trip home!

Rebecca, Lauren, Kevin and Korey

It was a great pleasure to share the road with these four cyclist on the last 10 km to the Columbia Icefield. These 10 km had an elevation gain of 500 m with a grade of up to 10%. And these 10 km were the most demanding part of the day, or to put it in their words: the fun part of the day. Together we visited the cyclist-friendly glacier skywalk. 
We wish you a save journey, have fun!

Camille and Peter

We met Camille and Peter on the Icefield Parkway. They were cycling to Jasper while we were going in the oposite direction. Camille and Peter are from France and started their trip in Vancouver, going to Jasper. In the last days with tempetatures around -1°C I had really cold fingers. Peter found his own answer to the temperature with his newly bought fancy gloves.

Russel and Scott

We met Russel and Scott for the first time in the Heather Mountain Lodge in Rogers and found out that we will ride the same way for the next 3 days. Russel and Scott started their tour in Lake Louise and they will cycle via Revelstoke, Kameloops, Jasper back to Lake Louise. The two meet once a year to make a cycling trip together - for over 30 years!
In Revelstoke we met for Dinner and had a great evening together. It was a pleasure to meet you, have a safe trip home!

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